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Capacity Building

Building capacity on climate for our team is an integral part of this project. We run multiple workshops and webinars throughout this project, in Malay and English language.

Capacity Building 1
Climate crisis and Indigenous landrights workshop
Climate crisis and Indigenous landrights workshop

A site visit to Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Buloh and Kampung Orang Asli Busut Baru in Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR).

The team had two-way communication with the local communities on land rights.

Empowerment Workshop :
Indigenous women and youth
Climate Crisis and Indigenous Land Rights

Project members were introduced to Climate Change 101 by Ili Nadiah from KAMY, Basics of Customary Land by Tijah Yok Chopil from JAKOSM, and a sharing session with Sumarni Laman from Ranuwelum Foundation, Kalimantan about Indigenous Dayak women and Climate Crisis.


All of these sessions are followed up with interactive sessions, respectively. Some of our members expressed shock at how much climate change has affected her community, but she had never understood it before. They now had a taste of how to spot climatic impacts and document, and all participants agreed to more training on this.

With materials from our partners in the UK (Students for Global Health) and KAMY, we introduced our members to COP. They were able to apply their knowledge through a COP simulation we organised. Through this, team members learned how to negotiate and speak to the media via press statements.


There was a sharing session by Azian Ng on her experience attending Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues (UNPFII18) in New York and Tijah’s experience attending the UN Assembly in Geneva representing Indigenous voices. They both emphasised how critical it is to have Indigenous voices in these spaces.

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When we shared a video call recording with Calfin Lafkenche from Minga Indigena in South American and the Amazon, team members were astonished by the spirit and dedication of Minga Indigena to bring community leaders to COP26. The Indigenous team also saw a lot of similarities between the struggles of Indigenous communities in Malaysia and the Amazon. All agree that they should speak up more in international spaces to amplify Indigenous voices from Malaysia.


The workshop ended with a sharing session about Art & Customary Land by GERIMIS, followed by an interactive storytelling simulation where participants picked up Indigenous tools provided by team Gerimis and brainstormed ways to tell a story.

Educational Webinars
COP26 simulation - lead by Students for Global Health UK
COP26 simulation - lead by Students for Global Health UK
Decolonising Climate Advocacy - with Dr Renzo Guinto
Decolonising Climate Advocacy - with Dr Renzo Guinto
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